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BV2613-600 Aleali May Air Jordan 1 Viotech in Women's size

This Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker could be experienced as a stroke of old for generations who grew up with the TN but is actually a new start for the pair. The Air Max Plus has been subject to many hybrids during its lifetime and continues to be associated with other silhouettes today. This great versality of the pair was made possible by a strong design, which at a glance knows how to attract attention. It is not for nothing that the new generation is in turn appropriate leaving orphan collectors of certain constructions. The return of this color OG is actually the link between these two epochs that grew up with TN and which for 20 years remained the same object of lust for all the wages.
This is happening, Jordan 1 Mid Lush Teal is coming back! Before you, accurate photos of the new issue and information about the premiere, including its date.This is one of the simplest and most desirable editions of Threes in history. The key role is played by white, which has been used not only on the leather uppers, but also on the soles, laces or lining. The character of the project is brown, which appears on the bottom of the sole, the last eyelet for laces, and above all on the elements with the Elephant Print pattern - around the toebox and on the back.
Earlier, I used to do Day Surveys - that is, a quick review of the Aleali May Air Jordan 1 Viotech news. Along with the changes in running the website and switching to a more blog form, I also do not want to cut myself off completely from writing about novelties. Nevertheless, now there will be a different form - from the crowds of all prime minister I am writing only about things that caught my eye, which evoke in me any emotions, not only positive ones.Since I really like Carhartta, I've been paying attention to their re-operation with Convers - this time offering us the classic Chucki '70. This is not a kneeling edition (One Old Carhartta seems to be something more catchy), but they are such a nice shoe for everyday wear.

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The best price for Air Jordan 33 basketball shoes

With this return of the Air Jordan 33 , Nike revives a tumultuous history of a silhouette that has never left anyone indifferent. A few months ago, we dwelt on this rich story that placed the Nike TN at the foot of a generation of young French people. The Hyper Blue is one of the 3 original colors of the pair released in 1998 alongside the Orange Tiger and Shark Gray. It's been 5 years since these colors did not appear in the catalog of the brand which is planning to celebrate the 20 years of the pair this year. The first packshot of this Nike Air Max Plus Hyper Blue seems to be rather reassuring with a transparent toe cap and a blue hue that is close to the 1998 model.While the version number five remains a mystery, time will tell what it will be, although there have been rumors about Court Purple.
As announced by the American brand from Monday, Nike KD 11 White is from November 5 every day on their site and application will appear one coloring of Air Jordan I. In the attached gif we can see that such versions as Shadow, brand new PSG and Not For Resell will come back, as well desirable royal coloring. This is obviously not a determinant, but it is very possible that they will go on sale.A similar list is supposed to look like this one below, time will help to make sure that leaks were telling the truth.In recent times, there have been pictures of Kyrie Irving training in a new shoe - but it's not the time that such news electrifies everyone around compared to what was a few years ago. However, this time there was no building up the tension - Nike today officially presented Kyrie 5, or the fifth signed shoe of Irving.
The same person is responsible for the design of this Nike Zoom Fly SP shoe as for the "four-legged" - namely Ben Nethongkome. As for the general character, there are no strong changes here. It's still crucial to keep your feet up, like the best grip on the dance floor - even when it comes to the appearance, you feel that they are Irvingii. Nevertheless, in terms of technology, we see a new Zoom Air cushion (or more precisely, the Air Zoom Turbo) in the front of the shoe (without this one under the heel). This is not a classic unit to which you could get used, but as you can see in the pictures - "ponacinana" version. How will this option work? Go out in the laundry. Certainly there is an intrigue of an additional panel under the laces - a new variation of Nike that is to ensure the best fit and keeping the foot. On the uppers you can see a lot of meshu known from previous Irving, to this pattern of traction inspired Irvingiem, what has tattooed on his hands.

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How Are These Nike KD 11 BHM Still Available At

The fruit of many months of work on the Nike Air Force 1 Low Patchwork line will soon be on store shelves. On the screens of your devices you can see the Dunk High model, which was designed with the participation of the bar staff and the artist Nastyneckface.This is part of the project where the designers refer to skater meeting places. This time, they came to the Black Bar in Hollywood. It is probably not surprising that the whole shoe is bathed in black paint, and it was made of leather, which we see around the toebox, in and around the lacing and suede.
It was difficult just over a year ago to predict the Nike KD 11 BHM this collaboration would take. The first drop was actually only the first colors of models that will surely know many more in the coming months. After the Air Max 97 this morning, it is the turn of the Air Max 90 and the Air Force 1 to know new ones with a Black pair and a Volt silhouette that have been unveiled. For the moment, we are only at the stage of rumors that seem to be confirmed by these new images. The two pairs take up the well-known structure of their respective OG with an embroidered Swoosh but leave however the sole icye blue which made a good part of their charm.Purple and white tones of Freezer stand out in this Element 87 React and the third silhouette is none other than Acronym Presto Mid in this green and pea pattern immediately recognizable to Cell.
The graphic designer chadmanzo took the same characters that inspired the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static but implemented them in the flagship silhouettes of the brand in the swoosh. Goku is embodied in the Jordan 1 Off White, which uses the dominant colors of his Gi with yellow touches to evoke his transformation.For breaking, a white geometric pattern was used on a black background, which was placed on Swooshu and on inserts. It's proudly white with the word Black, and the whole rests peacefully on a black sole with a gray bottom. The icing on the cake is the inscription "Always Bet on Black" under the Nike SB logo on the tongue, and the label Black Bar is on the back of the label. The last element is barely visible Black on the sole.

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New colors of Nike Air Force 1 shoes

Despite overexposure with its vices, Nike is persistent about its Nike Air Force 1 Low Jewel Royal Tint . The Swoosh continues to frequently decline one of his current star silhouettes like the Nike Air Max 97 Black Igloo.this new dress is based on different strengths. First with its famous panels with fluid curves that offer a black leather treatment for a clear qualitative visual. We find a paradox of nuances since the black leather panels are softened by the choice of an Igloo shade that pays homage to the Tiffany Blue colorway. This icy shade shields the Air unit from a white midsole for a bright alliance. The outsole also benefits from this hue as well as the mesh details of the upper that lighten the imposing volume generated by the black leather panels. If this Nike Air Max 97 Black Igloo has already strengthened the shelves of some European retailers it should be available on the Nike Store and at larger retailers of Swoosh in October.
A few days ago, we showed you the Off White Nike Air Max 97 Queen shoes in two new Beef and Broccoli and Multicolor color combinations, and today we have two more. Before you Black and Wheat variants.In this case Jumpman's designers went into simpler color solutions and put on one color. The first variant is in the popular honey color in winter, while the second variant is in universal black. For classic Nines, metal eyelets for round hiking laces and a special thicker sole have been added, which should work in winter conditions thanks to a special tread. Take a look at the pictures below and get to know them a bit closer.
Adidas releases three new colors of the adidas ZX 750 model. But that is in talks as one of the best among new releases this year, while it is selling out on the trunk. Exactly - how much in this hype caused by the limited number of the first two colors and the collaboration with Undercover, which unleashed this spiral of desire? I am not suggesting in any way that this is a bad model, from where. It's just that sometimes I wonder how the market can go crazy on the point of a given model when it is difficult to buy.With new colors, Nike again serves us with a rainbow of colors. I will not try to describe each one in turn - just take a look at the pictures below. I would say that they are specific - personally at the first contact it's nothing and nothing impressed me, though after a long while this edition with black midsole or with orange accents is quite pretty.

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I would rather wear adidas ZX 700 than Yeezy

Pharrell Williams is still in the form of cooperation with adidas ZX 700 . What are they working on this time? Their latest creation - Solar Hu Glide ST - is based on the long-distance Solar Glide runner, although with this model, at the most, the sole component connects them. Pharrell again serves us with a small geography lesson, where African motifs are the inspiration. More precisely, the colors used come from national flags for the region of East Africa. As the interested person says - "Africa is a beautiful continent, it is the cradle of civilization, and running is a kind of meditation. It was pure inspiration for me, a pure homeland and a tribute to this extraordinary sport. "
Fans of the adidas Falcon Dorf and even those who are not crazy about the model, are waiting for Frieza. The collaboration is one of the headliners of the Adidas Dragon Ball Z pack that will debut next week. As for the regular collection, the clover brand continues its momentum by releasing a new monochrome basketball. The black Adidas Yung-1 is the perfect complement to the Cloud White. It has an advantage over the white Adidas basketball, that of being less messy. A significant asset in the autumn period. The chunky sneaker is a victim of success. Despite a restock, several sizes are sold out.
Persons responsible for the sneaker zone at adidas Superstar Floral Graphic once again made a trip to the rich archives of Three Strips and looked at the shelves around 1997. Rustic cross country rides were characterized by a multi-layered structure and the same is true for the adidas Temper Run model, which we last saw in 2014. The shoes are kept in a similar climate as the recent successful adidas Yung-1.We have a variant combining rough suede and nylon mesh in shades of purple with reflective accents and turquoise details. The black heel and the nose complete the subject of the upper, and the whole rests on the whitish sole. The second option brings us a base in black, accompanied by reflections and accents in yellow. Here, the front and back are gray and the sole is whitish again.

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Let's talk about Dragon Ball Z x adidas ZX500 Son Goku

The adidas ZX 500 RM Son Goku shoes are getting ready for the broader launch of Adidas Solar Hu in a set called Glide Pack. Below you will see their exact photos and find out where to buy them.Solar Hu shoes appeared in sneakers environment in many rumors until finally we have official confirmation from the German brand camp that soon will appear on the store shelves. This model is already the third model of Pharrell in the Three Strips stable, which is signed by his name. The American rapper and producer enters it a second time in the world of sport, and the shoe itself was designed for a better performance aspect than its previous designs.
We will have three color versions to choose from adidas Solar Hu Glide ST Multicolor . The first one is based on black with elements in white and accents in turquoise and violet. Then we have an orange-yellow variant with black, red and green accents. The third option is the option with the predominant white color. Here we can see additives in red and green. Each variant stands on the white Boost soles.Some time ago we showed pictures with the possible appearance of cartons with shoes from the Dragon Ball Z x adidas Originals collection. Today we show them a whole set that makes you want to have them all. Collect all seven to see the entire hidden message.
Each of the adidas Superstar Floral Graphic shoe models that will be included in the entire collection will appear in a specially prepared box. It will be a graphic with the figure on which the designers of a given color variant were modeled. We will therefore have cartons with the following characters: Goku, Frieza, Son Gohan, Cell, as well as Vegeta, Majin Buu and Shenron the Dragon.The most interesting morsel for collectors will, of course, complete the entire collection, but the strawberry on the cake (to greet Hajto) will be arranged in one column, which will present the entire complex graphics with all the characters.

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Acronym x Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 “Dark Stucco” AQ0996-102

Declined levi’s x air jordan 4 black denim colorways, this long-awaited design offers several iterations. One is turning to strong shades that form a Racer Pink / Photo Blue combo while its holding cage highlights this white and black pattern already found on the Vapormax Acronym. The other two models feature a striking Dynamic Yellow / Gray combo and a more sober colorway, which focuses on a Cool Gray / Black combination. A triple choice is therefore present for lovers of the pair, each drawing from this design and these alliances of shades with powerful visuals.However Jumpman designers have prepared a surprise for us because the shoes ... they will not have laces! This is a direct reference to the series in which Will walked in Piątkach without binding.
The 2018 Jordan 1 High Bred Toe recalls an important point in history. Without the building designed by architect Renzo Piano, the running of 1987 would not exist in the form we all know. Tinker Hatfield had the idea of making his air bubble visible after seeing the structure of Beaubourg. The mini-collection represents the cultural establishment of day and night. By Day, the most impressive, has blue, yellow and green lines symbolizing pipes. You will also see them under the translucent sole of the white Air Max One. By Night presents silver-colored lines evoking the brilliance of the architectural masterpiece of night. The logo "P" of the outsole of the gray Air Max One has 3 possible meanings: Paris, Pompidou and Pipes (pipes).Skateshop Humidity from New Orleans will cooperate with skateboarding Nike division taking on high-dunk wallpaper. The "Trumpet" edition has several references - the first thing that strikes the eye is the reference to music. The upper in a metallic gold color is supposed to bring trumpets to mind, and the velvet lining is a reference to the finishing of the case for instruments. Even this bow tie is woven into laces. This whole elegance draws from the heritage of the city, so strongly associated with music, jazz - from where even Louis Armstrong comes from. In addition, we have here the commemoration of two anniversaries - New Orleans celebrates its 300th anniversary, and Skateshop Humidity, being the oldest in the city, has its 22nd anniversary.
For the 50th birthday of Will Smith, Air VaporMax Moc 2 Dark Stucco will release a special version of Air Jordan 5, which will refer to the series Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (known as Bajer in Bel Air).Grape fives are one of the best variants in this model. In addition to the Will himself in the show, he was wearing his buddy from Philadelphia - Ice-Tray (Don Cheadle). They were also displayed in promotional materials.Shoes at first glance do not seem too special. The upper is traditionally made of white leather, and a translucent mesh on a white background appears on the tongue and side panels. The final effect was matched by the colors on the tongue, the lining and of course the sole. We saw there a combination of turquoise, violet and black. The icing on the cake seems to be Nike Air branding on the heel.

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What do you think about this Nike Kyrie 4 Wheaties?

Photographs of the fresh colors of the iconic Nike M2K Tekno have leaked into the network. This is the variant that was baptized as Red Gum.The designers of the American brand Jordan Brand decided to put on a very simple and at the same time striking solution. Almost the entire upper of Fours was bathed in strong and expressive red, maybe with a few exceptions. In black, the first and last eyelets for laces, as well as the label on the tongue remained. The designer's ideas are crowned with a brown rubber bottom of the red sole.The high-speed train-inspired silhouette features a leather and mesh design, combining navy blue and sky blue tones. Red accents highlight the number 97 on the tongue patch, as well as the Air Max branding affixed to the Air Max unit. Finally, there is a white midsole with a unit Air-Sole visible throughout its length.
The Nike Kyrie 4 Wheaties is one of the most popular sneakers worldwide. Hardly any other sneaker has experienced as many colorways as the classic. Now, on the Nike Air Force 1 LV8 utility, something new has been tried. For example, the swooshes have been changed a bit, rather a mini swoosh has been added to the upper. The sole is well known on the LV8 models slightly higher than the normal Air Force. You will also find smaller details in the area of the large swooshes. Now, paying close attention to Nike's current collaborations, a first off-white comes to mind. Also we find that the Air Force 1 has taken over a few design elements from the school Virgil Ablohs. All in all, we find both color combinations more than successful - but the white colorway wins our hearts.
The title of the entry may sound like a kind of Max 1 Mini Swoosh - for the idea of Air Max 1, the fact of showing a cushioned cushion just stood the Paris Center Pompidou which gave inspiration to Tinker Hatfield. However, this time Nike prepared two colors of the first Air Max - "By Day" and "By Night".In the "By Day" edition, the contours of the panels are surrounded by colorful lines, being a reference to the Pompidou Center visible in the block. Here, the small touches from the original colors - the blue Swoosh, or the red interior of the pillow - were also used here. The "By Night" edition is dominated by shades of gray and silver, which refers to the appearance of a building that shines after dark. Both colors use transparent soles through which pierces the graphic referring to the tube motif.Even after its 20th anniversary, which was celebrated in 2017, the Beaverton brand has never slowed down the pace of exits when it comes to the Air Max 97. The next step is a breath of fresh air that will be adorned new details, one of the latest trends very popular at Nike.

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Let's take a closer at Nike Air Max 1 Mini-Swoosh

Nike Air Max 1 Mini-Swoosh shoes are slowly starting. It means that in only a few weeks we will be looking for typical autumn and winter shoes. Nike will come to your aid as soon as possible and will serve its Nike SF-AF1 High. This year they will come in a slightly renovated structure.This model was introduced only a few seasons ago, but it was very successful from the very beginning. This year, designers in Oregon at the Nike headquarters decided to slightly increase the height of the upper, among others, by lengthening the tongue in these shoes. The whole structure is based on canvas and ballistic nylon resistant to damage and water. In our case, they were stained black on the front of the upper, around the binding and on Swooshu. In the dark yellow shade remained the panels in the rear parts of the shoe. In addition, there are two fastenings at the collar and white laces, and the whole stitching is in a couple of military climates.
Again we look at what's going on at Nike Shoes , because on the store shelves there is an interesting version of the iconic Air Max 95. If you are curious about this, let the Snakeskin word be a little hint.As you probably guessed, one of the main roles in this project will be the snake skin. And you're right, the material of similar appearance was used just above the black sole with the navy blue Air Max system. From the second panel at the bottom to the very end, we can see shades of brown and beige. At the bottom they are the darkest, and the higher the brighter. However, this is not the end of madness with materials, because the panel on which the navy blue Swoosh is visible is made of horsehair and the rest of suede and canvas. A dot over and there is a black leather toe and padding and eyelets for laces in the same color.
Nike React Element 87 can be said to have taken the market by storm. A shoe which by design is designed to be worn on a daily basis, has become a sales hit from the place and all previous colors have been spreading. Now Nike is still heating up the atmosphere by giving us editions in cooperation with the UNDERCOVER brand. There are four colors in the entire collection, but they are broken up in Europe for two dates - tomorrow we will receive two of them. Undoubtedly, the lack of color on them can not be complained about in the form of a draw.In addition to the aforementioned cooperation with UNDERCOVER, another Air Max Deluxe will also be available for sale tomorrow. This time the dominance of black, but there are also small graphic inserts in color that complement this shoe.

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Buy the Nike Max 90 Laser Pink at

The Nike Max 90 Laser Pink has now been spotted online. The React Element is one of the most popular sneakers of the year. No wonder that the first collaboration is now being sought. The sneaker with the transparent Upper is associated with the Japanese fashion label Undercover. The first pictures show a colorful colorway made of neon yellow. Red and blue. Everyone who likes bright colors will fly to this release! If we are already at the release: currently no official date is known!The silhouette is inspired by the Nike Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll and is adorned with a base in nubuck / gray suede, contrasted by elephant print black and touches of green on the logos and eyelets.
The Nike React Element 87 in collaboration with Undercover looks really fresh. The last releases of the brand new sneaker were always directly sold out. That could happen again when working with the Japanese fashion label. Especially in this crass conspicuous colorway.This variant belongs to the simplest solutions in this model. The upper is only white leather, and the brown elephant print on the front and the back of the shoe is responsible for all the character and final effect. The whole is placed on a white sole with a brown underside. The latter color is also used on Jumpman on the language.
The Nike Air Max 270 Black White has been lost in the flow of exits. Between big waves such as the JDI and Premium Mini Swoosh editions, running in the orange air bubble was quickly submerged. The small period of lull allows the general release for man to rise to the surface and to be appreciated at its fair value. Although it is not part of the Nike Just Do It pack, the 1988 slogan on the sockliner is noticeable. There are not many photos available of the gray suede and white mesh shoe. The only ones I present to you do it justice.The classic silhouette of the '90s is adorned with an immaculate upper, featuring a white upper accented with beige and platinum gray accents. Featuring a mesh upper, the silhouette also features 3M reflective buttons on the quarter panel, as well as a midsole with a visible Air-Sole unit along its entire length.

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Best look at adidas Falcon Shoes

A day without leaks from social media a day lost. Last night in the network appeared adidas Yeezy 700 VX custom shots received by Tekashi 6ix9nine.This is one and only edition of this kind in the world. The custom below was designed by Tekashi 6ix9ine with Tr3yWay x Fancy for a temporary store that opened on Monday in New York.Below you can find shots straight from Twitter, while the photo in the title picture is work in Photoshop. The shoe is on a black sole, and the whole design is matched by a bright green upper with black 700 inscription and a few black accents and lining in the same color.
The Paris Studio together with the adidas falcon shoes has prepared a new version of the Ultra Boost Uncaged release for us. The woven shoe upper is based on a blue color, in which the French brand likes - plus we can see the embroidered circle of stars. This is the logo used by the brand and, of course, it has its reference to the EU. Black accents are complemented by blue, including the entire black component of the sole. Seemingly simple, but very neat and it works well with each other. The longer I look at them, the more impressed I am - a very nice project that somehow passed me by my side.
Go-to source for all things Yeezy, the Yeezy Mafia shared the rendering posted above, referring to this variation of the model as the Yeezy Boost 700 VX. At the time of this writing, there’s no word of a release.If you need the release news,keep look at the YeezyBoosts2019 .

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Best look at the Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro JTH NRG Bio Beige

Did the popularity of Nike M2K Tekno collaborate do its job and "forced" the designers of the American brand to restore the canvas uppers to the AF1? We do not know that, but is it important? We are glad that this happened and the reason goes to the background.As the title of this post speaks on store shelves, basketball classics come with a low upper made of durable canvas. Double stitching at the panels' joints and leather heel close the idea of the upper part of the shoes. We will have three variants to choose from at the beginning: December Sky, Light Bone and Black, which means blue, white and black. In each case, the whole was put on white soles with a milky translucent bottom.
Last year, Nike brought back the legendary Nike Vapormax 97 Silver Bullet on it’s 20th anniversary, and with this revival, came a bunch of ultra high heat collabs from the likes of Skepta and Virgil Abloh. To many, the AM97 is one of the best sneakers of recent memory, and now, the Swoosh has unveiled a brand new colourway that you’ll definitely want to cop.Dubbed ‘Midnight Navy/Habanero Red‘, bold blue hues make up the majority of the shoe, with the upper portion rotating between leather and mesh. Red hot accents feature throughout for a pop of contrast, and a bright yellow Air-infused midsole and black rubber outsole sitting below round out the design, providing functional support on the popular retro runner.
Best as we are heading out of this year's summer, and the colder autumn stands for the door, Nike now sends the ultimate Air Jordan 3 JTH Bio Beige model on the street. This is the new "Tartan" version, which is soon ready to keep your feet dry and warm in Danish autumn.The package itself contains a variety of women's silhouettes, including Air Max 1, Air Max Plus, Air Force 1 and this Air Max 97, which we have been fortunate to look into here.Let's start with the most obvious of the shoe - the scottish pattern that is found on the upper part as well as on the inside of the shoes. The pattern is in stark contrast to the black top, such as suede, leather, patent leather and mesh.These compositions give an aesthetic, rarely seen on the otherwise well-known Air Max 97. In addition to the flared upper part, there is no finger to put on the comfort of the shoes as the upper part is usually on a full-length Air Max air unit.

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Online shop for adidas ZX 500 RM Boost Son Goku

For the fall season, adidas restores the adidas ZX 500 RM Boost Son Goku model and releases it in the new Multicolor set.Below we attach a few precise shots so that you can get acquainted with them before the premiere.Although the Mid version did not get as much love as the more traditional versions, it did not bother the three-strip designers to invest in fresh projects. The new releases will come in two color versions: gray and black. Both variants made from Primeknit yarn reaching up to the ankles, and such elements as the toebox cover, three straps or eyelets for shoelaces were made in the heat-sealing technology, thus strengthening the upper construction. The whole rests on Boost's white soles, and their underside gives this design character and uniqueness. It is there that the designers of the German brand put in all the colors of the rainbow.
"Old shoes" is the aesthetic, the retro style is increasing, the Adidas Yung 1 For Sale , known as the "People's Edition YEEZY", is the focus of many shoe fans. The heavy shoes are paired with complicated lines. The most popular shoe selection nowadays. Today Yung-1's new "Triple Black" cool black soul color release. The shoes are black in name, and the combination of materials and lines gives a layered and design sense. The color is simple but not monotonous, giving a versatile cool retro visual effect.
Summer of love, part two. adidas Ultra Boost continues in the autumn collection of the Spezial theme inspired by the 30th anniversary of "Second Summer of Love" which took place in Great Britain at the end of the 1980s. Climate at the turn of the '80s and' 90s, in the clubs, acid house sounds. The collection includes two colors, Munchen Super, and one from Lowertree, Indoor Comp and Punstock. It is oldschool, it is colorful - and as befits the Spezial collection - models drawn from the adidas archive, which we can not see at every step.

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Where to buy Air Jordan 5 “Paris Saint-Germain” online

This year, Jordan Brand decided to surprise us with low versions of Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated . I've already showed you the Bordeaux and Taxi versions, and today I am introducing the variant number three, which was named Bright Concord.In this case, we have quite expressive and striking colors. This variant is mainly based on navy-violet color. It is accompanied by a red tongue and a black sole with purple accents. As part of the recovery, jumpman designers are adding green and yellow, which they put on the neoprene collar and tongue, as well as on the bottom of the sole. Anyway, look at the official photos attached below.
Its design is based on the sample Nike Air Max 97 Ornament by the designer more than 30 years ago. In addition to its light brown color, what sets Swedish basketball apart from the special edition at the beginning of the year remains its theme. It revolves around the 5th album of the American artist. The singer does not hide it. The 1988 model is one of his favorite sneakers. No wonder he made a Super Bowl performance by putting.Just like that Superbowl exclusive which released as a homage to JT’s half-time performance, this style won’t be easy to cop. Thankfully, this guide tells you everything you need to know about securing a pair with info on raffles as well as the online release!
Several references to Man of the Woods appear on his 2018 Jordan 5 Paris Saint Germain with a Swoosh like the Higher embossed below the collar. The "Fame is a lie" and the "Stress is cruel" printed on the insoles refer to this title where the artist speaks to his wife. The AJ3 Bio Beige is sold inside a custom box. A detail that finishes to make the pair a potential collector.

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adidas EQT Bask ADV Grey Two/Footwear White-Sub Green B37514

A few entries ago we mentioned that adidas will restore three original versions of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White . In addition, there will also be a version of Multicolor 2.0, or color, which debuted in 2016.The design of shoes is based on Primeknit yarn in white, but at the top of the toebox and on the sides of the upper, we see flashes of yarn in all the colors of the rainbow. There is a white cage with three stripes on the sides and a red heel stabilizer. All this was put on the white Boost soles with a white bottom.
Some say that this page is none other than the adidas Ultra Boost of the first releases, but the site YS was not yet at the same development stage when the release of the Turte Dove or the 750 Gray. 350, 350V2, 750, 700, 500, and even Powerphases the majority of Yeezy models have popped on the site and more pairs are added to the list as we write these lines. This news is changing the sphere of sneaker game, whether by fans already seeing themselves with their dream pairs bought at the retail price or the panic of resellers who try to sell their stocks before the fateful moment.
But do not say it too fast, maybe it's just a willingness of Adidas Sobakov Black Gum Supply to list all their models in order to perform a proper retrospective, who knows? Or is it the brand's response to the three bands facing the Nike One Year Sneakers event? Yeezy for everyone? Only time will tell. A story nevertheless to follow very closely. We will keep you posted on a possible restock of all Yeezy models.In the same direction, the axis to follow on the photographers' side was oriented towards the snapshot of precise moment, a crude but unique photograph, whose potential defects become forces and where the power of the moment has not never been so strong. The lines of the Yung-1 Adidas are adapted to current trends that see the volume dominate without competition and the retro spirit still attractive.

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what do you think about the Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Triple White

what do you think about restock for the adidas Ultra Boost Clima Triple White ? The clover mark offers you a restocking of his all black shoe. In the summer season, white sneakers are popular. Nevertheless, a model enthusiast with a foam sole who missed the first release in December, will hardly miss the new opportunity. For those who already own it, I invite you to read the article on the Show Your Stripes. This unique color is worth the detour. I take this opportunity to slip a note on the return of the Adidas Ultra Boost 1.0. Although official sources do not confirm it immediately, several sites announce its reissue by the end of 2018.
Designers of the German brand decided to combine the representative of the adidas D Rose 9 , i.e. adidas ZX930 model from 1988 (and in its original colors) with the adidas EQT line and put it on the Boost sole. The upper has been attached to the sole with a connector or stabilizer, which has two blocks on the outside and a long inside on the whole upper. In turn, the upper part of the shoe is suede, nylon and mesh. The whole is based on shades of white and gray, accompanied by red and green.This first sample presents a light-colored vamp, combining light gray and white, completed by the famous green midsole developed with Digital Light Synthesis technology made of liquid resins, light and oxygen.
I wanted to write Adidas Yung 1 For Sale - no, it's more intriguing, though I still do not know if it's the right word. I met with the statement that Yung-1 is a model that is part of the "dad shoes" trend. Seriously? For me, this term fits the Air Monarchs, NB from the 99x series. But Yung-1? It is just a cross-country race from the second half of the '90s, which perfectly reflects the style from those years, which is why they were resurrected on the occasion of the prevailing fashion for things from that period.

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adidas NMD Hu MOTH3R Solar Pack

For now, there are no photos of the adidas NMD Hu MOTH3R Solar Pack but it would present the famous camouflage print of the Japanese brand, surmounted by a black cage and three white stripes. A Boost midsole and black outsole complete the design.RG with this video wants to prove to the world that these last years of development have not been in vain and the result is up to the expected expectations: shadows and lights worthy of movies, physical more than realistic and acting acting. Six minutes of scenes between emotion, slices of life and nervous action, all done with images taken from the game: we look forward to this new album that will undoubtedly be the hit of 2018.
Pharrell Williams is a globe trotter. In the spring, he made us travel to India through his Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Grey Two collection inspired by the festival of colors 'Holi'. The artist leaves the country of Ghandi to settle in East Africa at the Masai. As usual, Pharrell was careful to put a message (in Swahili on Hi-Res Aqua) on each of them.The last game of the studio date back 5 years ago and is none other than GTA V, which for the time was already a real visual feat. The UK sneaker retailer, Size? - who is also present at Strøget in Copenhagen - has joined forces with adidas to publish special versions of YUNG-1 and Falcon - two of the German brand's most popular new sneaker silhouettes.
The adidas NMD R1 has the distinction of having a Primeknit rod reproducing the patterns that appear on the traditional outfits of this people of semi-nomadic shepherds. It has been inspired by the 90's "Acid House" genre of music that helped make the rave culture a phenomenon. This is reflected in the fact that the YUNG-1 and Falcon are dressed in a distinctive neongul color that forms part of white, black and gray shades, allowing the color to speak its own language.The result is thus a harmonious and, not least, super fed 'Size? exclusive pack ', which is guaranteed to be sought after - not least because the two sneakers only come in very limited numbers and exclusively in Size?'s various stores.

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord is the hottest style for 2018 summer

Today, Air Jordan Shoes have prepared four premieres for us. One of them we had a small substitute a few days ago on the anniversary of the Sneakers application - the new Dona C. Jordan Legacy 312 has finally got wider access to us, where JB immediately serves the whole pack referring to the old Nike colors. Thus, on Jordan Legacy 312 we have references to "Hot Lava" Air Tech Challenge 2, "Medicine Ball" Air Trainer 3 and Air Command Force. I'm not a fan of the model itself, but it's cool that Don C and JB have taken as inspiration these less popular but important models from Nike's catalog from years ago.According to what Joran Brand announced for us as part of the autumn collection, we will have several new editions relating to the JB team.Nubuck shank in olive color, accent of nylon, sole in broken white - color is of course a reference to the school CP3 which he finished in 2003, but it composes well in a holistic way.
Following 2018 Air Jordan 11 Concord launched the Flyknit version last year, and now Air Jordan 3 has followed suit, the Air Jordan 3 Retro Flyknit debuted at the beginning of the year, and it will finally be on the market after so long. Air Jordan 3 Flyknit uses carbon black as the main color of the upper. In order not to make the upper too monotonous, the woven texture of the upper is different from the general one. The weave still retains the texture like leather on the toe and heel. Burst cracks, the inside is the use of leather as its material, coupled with the transparent ice bottom of the luminous effect, the overall is very textured, and each pair of three generations of attached hangtags have also changed from orange to black. As part of the Back to School pack, we have Air Jordan 12 referring to the high school of Chris Paul - West Forsyth High School.
After Nike restarted the Nike LeBron 15 series in 2018, the popular replicas of the popular Air Jordan 1 and 11 and the innovative introduction of new color schemes were not in the minority. Today, we found that some sneaker lovers shared a new color of the Air Jordan 11 that had not appeared before. The shoes shown in the picture are selected from the Air Jordan 11's favorite high-top design shoes as the base. The overall color is mainly cool black, while the shoes around the shoes and the red flying logo are the shoes. The overall color layering and detailing add a lot of color.Shoes not only gained the upper straight from the Air Max 95, but also one of the most recognizable color schemes. Three shades of blue and navy blue, which can be found on the side panels, have been closed from above and below with white elements. The blue color was also used with eyelets for laces. Only Swoosh by the collar is in turquoise. In contrast to the inspiration here the sole is blue, where previously it was white with turquoise on the system.

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Adidas D Rose 9 Shoes is coming out

The Adidas D Rose 9 Shoes is coming out now. We had almost forgotten the existence of running performance as the media is monopolized by other silhouettes. Since the release of its summer variant, it has moved back to benefit the Adidas ZX500RM, Sobakov or Deerupt Runner. The shoe whose sole ensures a return of energy is offered a new color that does not go unnoticed: the Cloud White. His 3 blue stripes quickly captivate the attention. A visibility that the off-white Primeknit accentuates. This is the concept of the Show Your Stripes pack. The rest of the construction holds the road with the beige hull and outsole.
Without a doubt, cooperation on the Pharrell Williams line - adidas Ultra Boost Mid Run Thru Time is very prolific. We just have another official preview of the collection which this time is after the SOLARHU slogan. Originally they were referred to as Afro Pack, but this is just a small change of name - the samples from the beginning of the year were also slightly different. Nevertheless, Pharrell again takes us on a little trip around the globe, because the inspiration for this collection were motifs from the culture of East Africa.The collection includes three colors of the adidas NMD Hu Trail model, where on their uppers we can find the inscriptions "MOTHER" / "LAND", "EMPOWER" / "INSPIRE" and "MIELE" / "MBELE" (from Suahili "zawsze" /) "forward"). Apart from them, we will also have a slightly refreshed version of Tennis Hu V2, where new panels have been sewn up.
I like the intransigence of Pharrell in his projects. On the one hand, the Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Triple White has already gone a long way to us, multi-colored shoes are no longer something that disappears from shop shelves in a moment. Someone will say marketing and doing a good PR the way you look at it the same way. OK, but why do not others do it? Pharrell uses his fame not to glory and set monuments. This collection does not put me on my knees, but I respect it in this cooperation, that I get inspiration from different parts of the world and because Pharrell is involved, it does not go sideways.

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There are a lot of new Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 coming out

Nike Sportswear has fashioned a new golden Nike Air Max 1 but only for women. It displays a musty yellow hue and not metallic gold like the original model you all know. Fans will probably rank among the spicy shoes in the style of Air Max Curry in May. Its proximity to the Nike Flax is stronger. Notes of pink and burgundy appear on distinctive elements such as wavy lines, the mini-Swoosh or the air bubble. At present, all you have to do is enjoy photos on feet.The team of Nike Sportswear designers is once again freaked out and is preparing for the premiere of the extraordinary Nike Air Max 95 shoe set. It has been titled ERDL Party. Below you can find official photographs of both color versions.
We have a choice of Nike React Element 87 . These colors have been used to color the toebox, the soles with the visible Air Max system and the upper part of the upper in the form of a mesh binding, tongue and padding. So what's so special about them? Well, the side panels, or rather the individual horizontal stripes and eyelets for laces were covered with several different colors of camouflage. This is not the end, because the back is reflective and here we see the camouflage pattern, but in shades of pink, white and gray.
After the announcement of a future collaboration Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 , it is the turn of another color in the same color code to make its appearance. So we find a black leather upper with a classic appearance on the mudguard and the toebox. But the subtlety lies in the side and back of the pair that has a swoosh with a striped fabric. As for the side panels, they appear in pieces dressed with Prince of Wales motifs and white vertical stripes on a black background. The whole thing is based on a black midsole marked with the traditional logo "AIR" present tone on tone. Stay tuned, my little finger tells me that a very popular silhouette may well benefit from the same game of materials soon.The same motif appears on the inserts. Camo also appears on the bottom of the sole.

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Where to buy Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low Mirror Image

The Nike React Element 87 has been causing quite a stir in the last few days and weeks - now it's time for the Nike React Runner Mid SP SOE. Both colorways of the Element 87 were sold out within a few seconds and in Resell you have to dig quite deep into your pocket. For the "Light Bone" Colorway you currently pay at least 325 €. A proud price when you consider what the shoe has cost in retail. So if you still want to strike, he must probably do without elsewhere!
Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low Mirror Image seems to want to take advantage of the new trend and wants to reload with a new silhouette. The basis is the construction of the Nike React Element. The most noticeable changes to the Nike React Runner Mid SP SOE are the lacing and the height of the uppers. The shape of the React Runner is reminiscent of the Air Max 270 Flyknit. All in all, an unfinished look is created - you know, "deconstructed" is currently in vogue. You can see that again and again in the Off White x Nike Collaborations. We are curious which other colorways will appear on the new silhouette.
A few days ago I presented the first intriguing shots of the brand new Nike VaporMax Moc 2 Light Bone . Today I go a little further and serve you another portion of pictures, but definitely better. In addition, you will also find out when there is their premiere.The color block system is very similar to the Chicago edition, with the red color replaced with the honey color. The other panels, the side of the upper and the toebox, remain white, while the collar and Swoosh are in black, as are laces. An additional flavor is hidden inscriptions and sentences on side wings.

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Best Look at Air Jordan 3 “International Flight” 136064-140

The brand new nike react element 87 model is considered by many as one of the best new silhouettes of the year from the American brand. It was introduced in two different editions d. June 21 and sold out instantly in most places thanks to its technical and elegant design.While the first two React Element 87 releases were dressed in simple color combinations, black and white and cream-colored / white, the next two colorways are slightly more colorful.This time Nike has dressed the advanced model in light blue and white, respectively, with pink details and beige and white with green and yellow details. However, the design is the same with a thin, transparent top with pointed details and a comfortable REACT sole.REACT technology was really introduced to running shoes, but like so many other solar technologies, it has also spread to lifestyle shoes.
Air Jordan 3 Katrina again refers to the events of the past, serving us with the new colors of "threes". The Air Jordan 3 edition as part of the "International Flight" collection refers to a charity match of 1988 stars in which Mike scored 54 points (on his feet he had AJ3 "Fire Red"). The new color refers to the outfits in which it was played at that time - however, we have here a lot of how popular the shade of broken white. Its wavy design ensures not only sublime shock absorption, but also provides a unique design that fits perfectly with the React Element 87's design profile.There are no clues about when Nike React Element 87 is published in these new editions, so keep an eye on our Release Calendar, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and we'll keep you posted.
The Air Jordan 3 International Flight will be almost identical to the OG Neon version, but the new accents give it a unique touch. Instead of Neon accessories, we will now experience them in red. We are talking about the Air Max system in the sole, mesh for laces or Swooshu located by the collar. All the rest seems to be the same. So we have a black sole and gray horizontal panels on the upper, passing from the darkest down to the bright in the upper parts. When binding, we still have a white mesh. What else is worth mentioning? Well about reflections from 3M material. We see them not only on the upper, but also on the binding.In just a few days, the new version of Nike Air Max 95 shoes will debut on the store shelves, which is described as White / Solar Red - Granite. Below you will find their official photographs and the details of the premiere.

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The new colorways of Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Summer is full, so adidas Originals, or rather its designers, do not rest on their laurels and serve us a fresh Bred Pack. It consists of two versions of shoes - Adidas NMD R1 Night Cargo and the successor NMD R1 STLT.As the name suggests - Bred is short for Black plus Red - we are in contact with projects in which two colors play the main role: red and black. In the first case, black covers almost the entire shoe. The upper, the Boost sole and accents, everything is black, and only one block with the sole is in red. In turn, the NMD R1 STLT model is the upper, which in the upper part is red, while the front and comfortable Boost in black.
After a short break, I return to the adidas NMD Hu Trail Holi , thanks to the new version of popular adidas NMD R1. You have a fresh version of Green Marble on their screens.
Of course, this is our working name, but let's take a look at the attached photos - do not they remind you of marble in shades of green on a black background? That's just the pattern found on the top of the Primeknit yarn. The whole rests on the white Boost soles, where we have white blocks and a black bottom.
Not long ago, James Harden, who ended the Chinese tour, ushered in the new color of his signature shoe adidas Harden Vol. 2. The new Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is based on the color scheme of the US national team, with a large white and blue contrast on the upper and red accents. At present, the shoes have been on sale, and interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.Inspired by the adidas Falcon Dorf, the model sports here a mixture of gray and blue, livened up by three side bands of Sail color. An imposing white sole, as well as the embroidered END Clothing branding on the tongue, finalize this retro design.Take a look at Sole Adidas for more sneakers news updates.

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Review of the Day Air Jordan 11 White Snakeskin

Fresh off the news of the Air Jordan 11 White Snakeskin , the Swoosh brand are hitting us with another new colourway of the famous silhouette. Titled the ‘Paint Splatter’, this sneaker is most definitely eye catching.This premium version of the AM97 boasts a suede, mesh and textile upper. Splattered paint is then featured across the off-white suede panels. Accented by a red stripe and milky white mesh, this sneaker truly stands out amongst the rest.
The American Jordan Brand is expanding its offer on the Jordans 2019 Cheap by the next edition of JTH, which will now appear in the Bio Beige color range. Below you will find official photos and details about the premiere of the shop.A modern approach to this over 30-year-old classic is ahead of you. Suede upper in dark beige color is complemented with a leather panel above the sole and Swooshem (reflective) in the same color. In addition, Jumpman company reaches this time for branding Nike Air and puts it on contrasting black so much. In black there is also an elephant print pattern on the front and so many uppers. The same color is also the sole of the sole under the heel and the last eyelets for laces.
As part of the accessories, we see a beige leather tongue, a pair of laces (there are two other variants in the box), as well as yellow eyelets for laces. All this rests on the white sole with a gray underside. A dot over and is a lightly creamy lining.As in previous years, Nike prepared the Durant model from the news of the upcoming Elite Youth Basketball tournament. Again, we have a rainbow of vivid colors here - after all, this edition for the Prime Minister's star is scheduled for July 12 at $ 150.
Due to the fact that this is Nike KD 11 behind which Justin Timberlake and Tinker Hatfield are standing, we can see here some accents related to them. I am talking about a Higher inscription on the side referring to the piece "Higher Higher" from Justin's album "Man Of The Woods". In turn on the inserts we can see lyrics from the song. On one we have Stress Is Cruel and on the other we have Fame Is A Lie. In turn, Hatfield's accents are a pendant with his autograph and signature on the back of the language.Keep lock at

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adidas Yeezy 500 "Utility Black”, Air Jordan 1 "Game Royal” Already tomorrow

Saturday always has some premieres to catch our attention.Both adidas and Nike / Jordan have several positions for us.For starters - another Adidas EQT Support 93/17 Black coloring from adidas and Kanye West, this time the release of "Utility Black". Undoubtedly, the darkest edition on this model, although it is not 100% black and more anthracite. I will not be surprised if they will be a desirable release, as a universal shoe in which you walk and not in a carton.
adidas likes to banging every model on the Boost. It is no different with the ZX500, which got a new chassis from one of the most elastic foams on the market, with a slightly refreshed upper. Nevertheless, what definitely catches the eye is their shape - this pointed shape looks very good!On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee's movie - He Got Game - JB has prepared a new color for Nike WMNS Air Max 270 Flight Gold .We know in the film we had a lot of great shoes from the late 90s, but this time the inspiration for this edition were the colors of Lincoln High School attended by Jesus Shuttlesworth played by Ray Allen.
As I remember correctly, on Tuesday I got the option to buy Air Jordan 3 "Quai 54" on the Sneakrs Nike application - I do not know if it was early access or JB did before the premiere. Nevertheless, who did not buy it - tomorrow as it was announced will be their premiere.
klepa designersery Nike is trying to surprise us every time as the store shelves sends Premium versions of their classics. Today we are in touch with the Air Max 97, which was given the incarnation colloquially called Splatter.
At first glance, the shoes look like they were taken off the painter's legs. The characteristic element of this edition is mudguard, meaning a panel going around the upper and located just above the sole. The whitish base has been treated in a random way with colors straight from the rainbow, we can see here various instances and stains as if from a leaking brush. It closes with a red thin stripe, and in the upper parts we have a very light cream shade. All this was put on a whitish sole with a black bottom from .

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