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Has Nike created this year's best winter sneaker?

In order to welcome the arrival of the 2018 US Open, Virgil Abloh and Nike PG 3 once again teamed up with Nike to create a new series for the tennis star Serena Williams.The series is named after "QUEEN" and is designed to pay tribute to the tennis player. The gradient midsole is the highlight, and in addition to the iconic elements such as “Off-WhiteTM for NIKE”, the new fluorescent green Zip- You can also see the words "Queen of Queens, NY" on Tie;The Vapormax Utility is based on the groundbreaking Air sole that Nike launched last year, combining it with a new neoprene top. The top is both water and windproof and is thus ready to withstand the harsh weather of winter. The top also utilizes Nike's Flywire technology, which offers complete "lock-down" of the foot for a tight and comfortable fit.
Recently, Japanese street brand Cav Empt unveiled the mystery of the new joint plan with Nike. Both sides will bring black and white Nike Air Max 95 , which are designed with avant-garde digital camouflage printed shoes. The face and the sole, while the tongue is the joint name of the logo. In addition, the two sides will also bring vests, long-sleeved sweatshirts and sports jackets and other clothing items, the design continues the CE signature experimental style, the retro full-loaded pattern into the single product, I believe it will be a Let everyone compete for the series. The shoes include a total of four new works, Air Max 97, Blazer Mid and NikeCourt Flare 2 PE.Among them, Air Max 97 and Blazer Mid have continued the style of “The Ten”.
The winter Off-White Nike Blazer Mid All Hallows Eve sneaker has gradually become an established phenomenon, and yet it has had a hard time making a real entry into the Danish men's wardrobe. Creating a sneaker that can handle both the harsh weather of the winter and have an appealing expression has proved to be no easy task. Perhaps that is why it is extra fat when a successful winter sneaker sees the light of day - just as is the case with VaporMax Run Utility.Sneakers have always been about function. The most iconic models have all, originally, had and served a purpose - whatever the Air Force 1 was created to make the basketball player jump a little higher, SB Dunk was created to make the skater's kick flip a little Easier or Flyknit Racer created to make the runner a few seconds faster.

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