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Discover a version 3.0 of the 2019 Jordan High Retro

The Los Angeles-based custom sneaker expert unveils his new achievement, a reinterpretation of one of the most coveted collaborations of 2018, the Jordan 1 UNC Patent Leather . The pair features a premium design, made with sage-colored ostrich leather, reminiscent of the texture and hue of real cacti. The wings, the heel and the tag of the tongue were also dyed to stick to the theme.Speaking of the most anticipated pairing shoes in 2018, Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is definitely the best in the forefront. Today, overseas fans have carefully discovered that the current overall look of Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 shoes has been fully released.The day MJ wrote the Shettered legend, he wore an orange and black Nike jersey, with the number written in white. It is this combo that we find thanks to this mock up.
The Kyrie 5 Black Magic shoes shown in the picture are based on the Air Jordan 1 as the sole of the shoe. The overall color is a combination of brown and white in vintage tones. The giant anti-Swoosh highlights the unique cool design of the shoes. Today, the inside of the shoes is also fully presented in front of everyone, the internal Swoosh design and the outside form a sharp contrast, the normal version of Swoosh highlights the anti-hook personality design. The latest news indicates that the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 will be officially released in April, and further specific related announcements are also waiting patiently for our late reports.The pale vanilla disappears from the top to give way to an orange and black combination, all in full grain leather.
Nike Shoes are a trend that has been in fashion for about two years. One of the brands that perfectly fit into it is Nike, which for the needs of the market has designed the incredibly popular Nike M2K Tekno. Today we have for you their latest color Sail / Habanero Red.The multi-layered and multi-panel upper design gives Nike designers an almost infinite number of combinations. In this case, however, they put a fairly simple and at the same time subdued solution in the form of linking several shades of beige. The designers decided to revive the following variant with vivid and strong red, which appears on several details and accents. The culmination of the undertaking is a white sole with a black bottom.

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